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Tony Fish

Tony Fish

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Tony Fish is a neuro-minority (diverse) and a leading expert on decision-making in uncertain environments, corporate governance, and sustainability. C-ENG, FIET, FBCS, FCIM

His enthusiasm and drive are contagious & inspiring. Tony’s 35-year sense-making and foresight track record means he has been ahead on several technical revolutions.

In addition to speaking at over 300 events and conferences on data, innovation, entrepreneurship, digital trends and early-stage growth, he has written and published six books.

Tony remains a visiting Fellow at Henley Business School for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, EIR at Bradford School of Management, teaches at London Business School and the London School of Economics in AI and Ethics and is an EC expert for Big Data.

To remain grounded, he spends eight days a month giving back by providing hands-on practical skills (handyperson) to his local community through “help the aged”, our local hospice, directly and as a volunteer at the local repair shop.

“No matter how we articulate a problem, ‘challenge or opportunity’, one undeniable truth persists – uncertainty permeates every facet. It’s omnipresent, indifferent to the framing we employ, whether the issue is simple, technical, complex, or wicked. From the most straightforward operational decisions to intricate strategic manoeuvres, every plan and its execution is a relentless pursuit of problem-solving amidst uncertainty.”

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