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Tony Dovale

Tony Dovale

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South Africa

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Tony Dovale, founder and CEO of Life Masters. He’s the Business Soul Surgeon, and the #BulletProof Growth-Optimised Mindset Guy. Tony enables Meaningful Success with his #Mind-Grow-Tainment, and SWIFT Action with FIERCE Focus approach.

Tony helps people, teams, Leaders, and companies, to win through wellness, and achieve exponential impacts and high performance results in a human positive manner that supports People, Planet AND Profits. His extensive human potential background equips him perfectly to help you build a Consciously Constructive workplace where well-being, happiness and high performance thrive.

He has inspired, audiences across the globe as he fuses real-life experiences, Neuro-science, 45+ years of experience, and powerful stories together, to take you to the next-level of potential and possibility, in your life and business.

Tony Dovale is an expert in Resilience, Courageous Growth-Optimised, Mindsets, Psychological Capital development, and High Performance systems that puts #PeopleFirst in a digital, artificial intelligent, world, 4th industrial Revolution driven world.

He is a globally certified facilitator of the Science of Happiness@work(tm), the author of SOULSHIFT, SWIFT SUCCESS Mindset, & Riding the Razor.

Tony has also developed:
• LifeShift Formula WON Personal Success Ensurance System

• The Revolutionary Workplace High Performance Teams CLEARx System

Destiny Statement: Tony Dovale is on the planet to bring more Integrity, freedom, love, laughter, abundance, meaning, peace, and joy, to those who are ready; through talks, workshops, team building, coaching, and training, in a manner that supports PEOPLE, PLANET & PROFITS.

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