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Tim Reid

Tim Reid

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Communications & Engagement
Change, Innovation & Creativity


Tim Reid, a luminary in the realm of creativity and innovation, is best known for co-creating the BAFTA-winning BBC One sitcom, Car Share, and Dave’s Meet The Richardsons. He’s not just a comedy writer; he’s a passionate advocate for inspiring creativity on a grand scale.

With over 25 years of experience working with creative giants like What If!, McCann Erickson, and the BBC, Tim brings a wealth of expertise as an inventor, writer, planner, and leader. His track record includes re-imagining the future for clients ranging from Carling to Coca-Cola, Danone to Durex, igniting their creative potential.

Tim’s speaking engagements traverse the globe, where he imparts his wisdom on boosting creative prowess and generating groundbreaking ideas. His aim is to galvanize teams to think differently, fostering audacious and agile thinking.

Tim delves into the significance of humor in the workplace, unraveling the neurological impact of laughter and why our best ideas emerge when we’re having fun. He shares the tools and techniques employed by comedians and comedy writers to consistently generate fresh material.

Drawing from the wisdom of advertising legend David Ogilvy, Tim emphasizes making thinking as funny as possible to unlock innovation. Tim Reid, a true maestro of creativity, inspires organizations to elevate their creative game, break free from conventional thought, and reinvent their businesses with humor and imagination.

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