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Sylvia Baldock

Sylvia Baldock

Keynote mic


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Business & Management
Communications & Engagement
Leadership & Motivation
Performance & Teamwork


Sylvia is an experienced leadership and team development coach with over 30 years of experience, inspires individuals and teams to tap into their unique strengths, operate with confidence and purpose, and become more productive and profitable.

She uses impactful psychometric profiling to identify individual skill sets, harnessing the real value each team member has to offer. Her masterclasses and talks address imposter syndrome, gender inequality and habits holding women back at work, helping individuals overcome their fears and reach their full potential.

Having cut her ‘speaking teeth’ as a Lay-Preacher’s daughter, regularly presenting at church and to youth groups, the love of speaking has always been in her blood!

From training junior nurses as a Theatre Sister in Open Heart Surgery, to building sales teams in the Pharmaceutical industry and training senior business leaders on motivating their teams, Sylvia’s warm, embracing style of communication continues to inspire and empower hundreds of people every year.

Sylvia has continued to speak and train throughout her varied career and is a sought after speaker on the business circuit.

Sylvia brings her 30+ years of experience working with hundreds of business leaders, entrepreneurs and teams, transforming, motivating and inspiring everyone she works with to greater productivity, engagement and ongoing success.

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