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Simon Wheatcroft

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Simon Wheatcroft – Blind Ultra Runner & Inspirational Speaker. Born with a genetic eye disorder, Simon Wheatcroft went blind aged 17 but has gone onto become an ultra runner and is a keynote motivational speaker. Tech pioneer, endurance runner and award-winning educator, Simon Wheatcroft, refuses to let blindness hold him back. Whether he is competing in ultra-marathons, climbing mountains or teaching students in the classroom.

He combines the use of technology and his fundamental belief and trust in his own abilities and body to overcome what many would consider insurmountable barriers and achieve his goals. Simon’s unique blend of ferocious drive, along with his background in technology and psychology, enables him to push the boundaries of possibility and challenge the audience to explore what they can achieve.

Leveraging his experience of working with leading technology firms (IBM, MIT and Google), Simon now seeks to create the next generation of inclusive technology that will continue to enable himself and others to achieve what many bystanders would consider unattainable – always working to ensure the provided solutions address true needs and account for future implications. This has included creating such diverse technology as robotic control systems for individuals with motor neurone disease, AI machine learning switching systems and the sonification of data analysis. Simon has also improved the inclusivity and diversity of the hackathon scene by creating hackcessible – a user led accessible hackathon event.

Simon entered the classroom to motivate the next generation of technology pioneers. Within a year Simon’s classroom teaching was identified as outstanding. This led to Simon winning the Pearson National Teaching Gold award for Outstanding New teacher. His incredible achievements have garnered significant media attention worldwide. He regularly features on TV – with special features on the CBS News Sunday Morning Live programme and BBC Click – and in the news, including a feature article in the New York Times after becoming the first blind man to run the New York Marathon solo.

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