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Scott McArthur

Scott McArthur

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Scott McArthur – The Consulting Futurist: A fusion of scientist, poet, HR expert, and writer, Scott has pioneered transformation with 200+ global giants. His keynotes on the “Perennial Mindset,” “Future Literacy,” and “The Power of Anticipation” provide actionable insights, arming audiences for a shifting work landscape impacted by AI, biotech and other disruptive forces.

Distinct for his cinematic flair, Scott marries hard evidence with compelling stories and wit. He doesn’t just speak; he delves into the fabric of human existence, creating an imprint that lasts.

Scott’s eclectic journey from rock musical producer and TEDx speaker to HR director and research scientist ensures a unique resonance with his audience. He doesn’t just inform; he transforms, offering tangible tools for personal and professional elevation.

His collaboration roster boasts the likes of the Ministry of Defence, M&S, the UK Olympic Authority, Atos, Superdry, Amazon, Microsoft and more. His written contributions range from leadership to science fiction, underlining his versatility.

Originally from Lanark, Scotland, Scott’s academic pursuits in biology and psychology broke traditional moulds, a testament to his spirit of breaking boundaries. Today, he enlightens audiences on the human psyche, facilitating impactful choices, rich dialogues, and reshaping perceptions.

Scott’s vision? A flourishing future for humanity. He empowers individuals to challenge their constraints, propelling them towards holistic growth. Dive into Scott’s transformative sessions and break free from the shackles of convention.

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