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Russell Dalgleish

Russell Dalgleish

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Russell Dalgleish, a charismatic catalyst for global expansion and innovation, is a storytelling virtuoso and a serial entrepreneur, network builder, and visionary. With a remarkable ability to emotionally connect, Russell has enthralled audiences from Los Angeles to Abu Dhabi, taking them on a journey of empowerment.

As a highly experienced speaker, Russell delves into topics like building a global ambassador network for your brand, unlocking entrepreneurial opportunities through networking, accelerating tech innovation in organizations, and more. His talks leave audiences armed with practical solutions and invaluable insights to propel their businesses forward.

Russell’s illustrious career includes roles as an investor, strategist, director, and advisory board member for the Scottish Government’s CivTech® Programme and the Board of Trade. His firm belief in the power of networking led him to co-found the Scottish Business Network (SBN), a global community of Scottish business leaders.

Russell’s extensive experience, which spans diverse board leadership positions with international companies and ten current board roles, informs his interactive keynote presentations and executive coaching. He shares his journey of overcoming adversity to build successful ventures, offering a unique perspective on private investment and entrepreneurial opportunities for those bold enough to seize them.

As an interactive keynote speaker and executive coach, Russell brings the experience of overcoming adversities to build a range of successful companies and highlights opportunities available to entrepreneurs today for those who are brave enough to reach out.

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