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Ricardo Cabete

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Ricardo Cabete is a global keynote speaker, and has spoken in more than 20 countries from 4 continents, including Canada, USA, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Monaco, Colombia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

Ricardo speaks at global corporate events and international conferences for several industries, including HR, Insurance and Banking.

“Emotions drive people and people drive results.”

He loves to create Keynotes and Seminars that are impactful for the audience and at the same time create high ROI results for his clients. Ricardo´s main expertise is Emotional Intelligence applied to Employee Engagement that lead to lower turnover rates and higher productivity and profits.

Ricardo Cabete loves to share his message in a creative way – he is the lead singer in a Rock band! Professionally he delivers his message through Keynotes and Seminars but for more than 17 years he delivered his message also with his Rock band.

Ricardo is always getting better and learning everyday, challenging his own limits. He was afraid to sing in public so he had to deal with his emotions in order to overcome those fears and become a Rock Singer. Even though it´s a hobby, he performed at International Rock Festivals with bands like The Black Eyed Peas, The Prodigy or Iggy Pop.

Ricardo was really shy and had a hard time with personal and business relationships, but he always focused on developing his Emotional Intelligence skills and even though he is still shy, he can now communicate, connect and get along with anyone in the world.

From Dubai to Chicago he shares in a passionate way his message of success with inclusion, tolerance and diversity. He loves to travel and meet new people, learning new cultures, and of course, trying the traditional food from each country he visits.

He was the European Champion of Public Speaking in 2017 with Toastmasters International, placing in the top 30 speakers in the world. Ricardo speaks with Emotion and always has a surprise impact element in his talks that make them memorable.

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