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Peter McKenzie

Peter McKenzie

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Business & Management
Leadership & Motivation
Resilience & Mental Toughness


Peter McKenzie is a speaker, executive coach, and corporate leader whose mission is to help othersachieve their full potential and perform at their best by building resilience and finding “Flow” state at work and home. 
For over 25 years, he has worked as a C-Suite leader in the finance, banking, and real estate industries across Europe. He is currently General Manager of Anticipa Real Estate, owned by Blackstone, the world’s largest investment fund with over $1 trillion in Asset Under Management.
His profile as an international keynote speaker has seen him inspire, educate and entertain audiences worldwide on in-demand topics such as How to Become a Rockstar Leader, Courageous Leadershipand the Future of Finance in a World of Artificial Intelligence. 
He is known as the “C-Suite Coach” and coached executive leaders from across the globe. He coaches leaders who have reached high levels of overwork, overwhelm and doubt to transform their performance by re-engaging with their core values, rekindling their energy and enthusiasm for work and life and motivating and engaging their teams to achieve success.

In a world of technological change and economic uncertainty, the responsibility of leaders is higher than ever. Only with courage, energy, and self-belief will the best be able to engage and lead their teams to success. Peter coaches Senior Leaders to find and bring their energy and passion to work, step up and become peak performers. He works with them to overcome self-sabotaging beliefs, overwork and overwhelm to flourish as top performing C-Suite leaders.

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