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Paul Newton is a renowned keynote speaker who has helped many organizations reshape their workplace culture with regard to cyber security. In an industry full of techy talks, Paul has become infamous for his entertainment and engaging keynote sessions, making people actually motivated to do something about their security.

Under the brand MentalTheft, Paul has become the biggest voice for bridging the gap between cybersecurity experts and the average person. He is a charismatic and exciting entertainer who wows and captivates his audiences, all whilst educating them on the issues of scams, theft and cyber security.

Loved by industry experts and everyday people alike, Paul and his team are helping to increase security and to fight crime.

Being one of the best known cyber security speakers in the country, and possibly Europe, seems unlikely for a man who’s main job was a magician. But magic is all about a mindset of trickery and deception, which is why, for many years, Paul Newton was doing work that included penetration testing, using his skills in manipulation and social engineering.

Now, with his skills in stealing passwords, PINs and other personal information, he wows, entertains and motivates audiences to take note of the importance of cyber security, all with the aim of keeping people safe.

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