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Nikolas Venios

Nikolas Venios

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Change, Innovation & Creativity


Nikolas Venios is an Innovation Strategist. He believes the two main elements that business leaders need to have in order to create new opportunity is having a problem that is at the limits of their teams capability to solve and embracing the notion that progress will require failure at first.

Nikolas is the Founder of the award-winning Ideas Agency. Named as one of the top 500 UK creative talents to watch by the Guardian, he has been working in the innovation space for almost two decades.

The Ideas Agency works with Managing Directors and their teams to make the ideas trapped within their organisation happen. The Ideas Agency has been called upon to make fresh strategies, innovative services, and ideas happen for some of most well-known global organisations such as Rolls-Royce, PepsiCo, Volvo, Danone, The MOD, Philips, McLaren and HOYA to name a few.

Nikolas has always had a keen interest in the relationship between psychology, the essence of problems and design thinking, which was further indulged during his internship at Saatchi and Saatchi. Nik studied Product Design where he gained a First-Class Degree and launched his own product straight out of university.

He is a storyteller and is regularly asked to talk about the fallacy of pursuing ideas over the pursuit of problems, innovative strategies that drive organisational progress and transformational perspectives on overcoming obstacles to unlock opportunity.

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