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Monika Bielskyte

Monika Bielskyte

Inner Circle star

South Africa/Lithuania

£5k to £10k


Future & Technology
AI & Adaptive Systems
Change, Innovation & Creativity


Monika Bielskyte, a seasoned explorer and visionary, offers a unique perspective forged through years of globetrotting and deep research. Her journey has unveiled the intricate dance between social and political ideologies and the course of innovation.

Inclusive Innovation: Monika champions “protopian futurism,” a viewpoint that reimagines the future by embracing marginalized perspectives, from disability and neurodivergence to indigenousness and queerness. Her vision places technology as a culturally informed tool, shaping not only human progress but also planetary well-being.

Foresight Pioneer: Monika’s career began in XR and science fiction, where she confronted bias and techno-solutionism long before they entered the mainstream. Today, her focus lies in leveraging disabled and neurodivergent insights to redesign content, architecture, and technology for inclusivity and sensory comfort.

Agent of Positive Change: Monika doesn’t passively predict the future; she actively engineers it. Her talks provide actionable paths to innovation and transformative outlooks, benefiting organizations and the world at large.

Beyond the Podium: Monika offers futurist consulting and foresight strategy workshops. She collaborates with media giants, guiding them in future-focused projects like Marvel’s Black Panther. Monika also partners with R&D teams to infuse their innovations with cultural depth.

Global Influence: With six continents as her stage, Monika has addressed diverse audiences, from tech conferences to exclusive executive gatherings. Her visually rich keynotes demystify complex topics, from science fiction’s role in shaping priorities to regenerative future cities.

Monika Bielskyte, a beacon of foresight and inclusivity, empowers individuals and organizations to navigate an evolving world with compassion and vision. Her visionary approach enriches the dialogue on technology, culture, and the future, fostering positive global change.

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