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Mike Ford

Mike Ford

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Mental Health & Wellness
Leadership & Motivation
Performance & Teamwork
Resilience & Mental Toughness


A career spanning more than 20+ years helping leadership teams with culture change and communications.

Mike has, in the past few years, followed his passion in performance and wellbeing and is now a keynote speaker, board advisor and the founder of Grateful Lemon, a consultancy helping leaders, their teams and their people to fulfil their potential, by putting their people and their sustainable wellbeing first.

Organisations regularly fail to tap into the true capability and energy of their people and therefore the real potential of their business performance.

Mike’s background in business, human behaviour, employee engagement, leadership coaching and a passion to help people to be their best, led him to start Grateful Lemon with a clear purpose. He has spent the last number of years understanding and working with the best in science, sport, performance and health. 

Mike has a fresh approach to helping leaders take ownership of their wellbeing and performance by reframing stress, rewiring the work day and embracing a concept uncommon in the workplace, called unapologetic recovery. 

So much more than wellbeing, Mike helps people and teams to build the foundations of sustainable, personal and collective performance.

The world has changed, much, of which, it wasn’t ready for!

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