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Mark Jones

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Mark Jones is a renowned event host with over a decade of experience. Voted ‘Best Event MC/Awards Host, UK & worldwide’ for four consecutive years, he has hosted countless awards and events across the UK, Europe, the Far East, and America.

Mark has hosted countless events around the world, awards, conferences, ‘live’ TV programmes, fundraisers, concerts, festivals and more. Everything from a successful sportsmen’s-dinners-for-the-troops’ tour in 2000 across war-torn Kosovo with England World Cup winners, to hosting prestigious awards events in Macau, China, Berlin, Cyprus, Geneva, Kuala Lumpur and Lisbon (and many more), even introducing the world-famous dog show ‘Crufts’ at the NEC Arena in Birmingham!

In just one 12-month period, Mark appeared in Brunei, made three trips (coast to coast) across the America, plus events in Malaysia, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary. A total of 41 flights and over 123,000 miles. In addition, he continued to host dozens of events in the UK.

He is also an experienced radio presenter, an author, and an actor who has appeared on TV shows such as ‘Cold Feet’, ‘The Forsyte Saga’ and ‘Clocking Off’. With a charming and professional demeanor, Mark is the perfect host for any occasion.

Regularly voted radio ‘Presenter Of The Month’, Mark has also received accolades from the Variety Club of Great Britain, where he’s been a Barker for many years. He covered Manchester United’s, Glasgow Celtic’s and Liverpool FC’s pre-season American tours for UK radio.

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