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Marit Stromoy

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Marit Strømøy, born in september 1976 in Sandefjord, Norway, started racing in the inshore class T-250 (now GT15). After three years in the class and numerous podium finishes she set a World Record and moved on to the S-550 class. S-550 is a catamaran class with a 550 ccm 2-stroke engine and a top speed of about 120 km/h. With support from the Tohatsu factory and her father as the main mechanic, she won the European Championship three times and the Nordic Championship two times. In 1999 Marit moved up to the much faster F2 class and adapted quickly to the speed and G-forces of the F2 catamaran.

In 2002 she competed in the President Cupin the United Arab Emirates and Qatar and did a great result. After being runner up in the Championship, Marit returned home and changed her old Seebold Catamaran into a Mollgard. With the Mollgard she raced in the Scandinavian, World and European Series for several years and in 2007 she finished third in the European Championship after a series of many races. The same year she got to fulfill her long lived dream and raced her first F1 race for F1 Team Sweden.

The dream had come reality and the year after she races for the Italian Rainbow Team, before she returned to Team Sweden the following two years. From 2006-2009 she also took part in the 24 hours of Rouen, 8 hours of Egypt and 8hours of Poland together with a French team in Class 2. The team climbed the podium of the legendary 24 hours of Rouen three times with Marit as a driver. In 2010 and 2012 she raced in Offshore Class 1 in Brazil and China for Team Welmax and Team Sanya. Although she enjoyed her time in the big Offshore catamaran, Marit confirmed that her main goals were inside inshore and the F1 H20 World Championship.

Taking the Pole Position in Portimao, Portugal as the first female racer in any top class in International Motorsport, she became historic. After leading the race for 15 laps she collided with another boat and both went out of the race in a dramatic crash. The race was over, but the dream had just begun!

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