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Kitty Horlick

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Kitty Horlick is a founding partner at Blackwood, a consultancy firm focused on onboarding traditional businesses into web3 and its associated technologies. With over 5 years of experience as an investor in NFTs and cryptocurrencies, she is deeply embedded in the industry and a director at Rarify Services, which develops the protocols and infrastructure for NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

As a speaker and consultant, Kitty communicates the possibilities and limitations of blockchain, the metaverse, and NFTs to help companies create value and tackle challenges. Her talks cover identifying key metaverse products, technological advances, common misconceptions, investment drivers, rising trends, and the role of financial institutions.

Additionally, she provides detailed case studies of successful and unsuccessful NFT and metaverse projects. With a background in communications and storytelling, Kitty is adept at explaining the value of web3 technologies and has a passion for digital fine art and the NFT market.

In addition to her background in blockchain, Kitty is an experienced communications expert and a vivid storyteller. She has worked as a PR executive for Portland Communications, and a multi-media journalist, writing for publications such as The Sunday Times and producing award-winning documentaries.

Blackwood was born out of her frustration that the web3 industry’s growth was being stunted by a lack of clear and relatable expert guidance on its central products of blockchain, the metaverse and NFTs.

As well as providing powerful insights into the possibilities of the metaverse, Kitty suffuses her talks with gripping anecdotes from her on-the-ground experience in the wild world of blockchain, most recently, for instance, staying with bitcoin-mining cow herds in the Caucus mountains.

As a speaker, Kitty has shared her expertise with a variety of audiences, from business executives to tech enthusiasts. Her speaking credentials include high-profile tech conferences and private corporate events. She has a knack for explaining complex concepts in an accessible way, enabling audiences to better understand the potentials and pitfalls of web3 technologies.

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