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Jessica Huie

Jessica Huie

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Jessica (MBE) is an entrepreneur, best-selling author of PURPOSE, and founder of influential agency She’s an experienced corporate speaker on the topic of Purpose, Google, EY, Grant Thornton, Bloomberg and more

A publicist and advocate for change, she’s passionate about amplifying diverse messages and creating visibility for organisations to communicate and deepen their social impact. She has also launched multi-award winning multicultural greeting card company, Color Blind Cards.

Labelled one of Britain’s Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs, Jessica runs monthly workshops at The British Library for small and micro business owners keen to raise the profile of their brand with integrity. Her book PURPOSE invites us to reconnect with who we are beneath the layers of roles and titles, and challenges the ideologies we hold around success.

Her passion for visibility and its power to make people feel acknowledged led me to establish Color blind cards in 2006. This award-winning multicultural greeting card brand prompted discussions on ethnic representation in retail, and became the first independent card brand to secure a high-street presence for multicultural cards in the UK.

Jessica co-produced Evening of Purpose at The Barbican Centre alongside We are Parable in 2022 & September 2023, for an evening exploring our sense of purpose and connection through the arts and social entrepreneurship.

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