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Jeremy Schwartz

Jeremy Schwartz

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Sustainable Leadership. Empirical Wisdom. Digital and AI Advocate.

With a distinguished career spanning several iconic global companies such as Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, The Body Shop, and Pandora, Jeremy Schwartz has established himself as an authority of informed leadership and empirical wisdom in the business world. The breadth of his experience provides a unique vantage point, offering a panoramic view of business dynamics across different sectors. Jeremy’s foresight led him to champion the integration of digital trends, recognizing the transformative power of e-commerce, AI and digital landscapes long before they became industry staples.

Jeremy’s association with global brands lends credence to his insights. From unveiling the innovation behind products his team created such as Coke Zero, which enjoys revenues exceeding $5bn, to sharing the transformative journeys of brands like Pandora and Sainsbury’s, each adding over €5bn in shareholder value within two years, he provides a comprehensive view of the mechanics behind these monumental successes.

Jeremy’s emphasis on digital realms is rooted in his first-hand experiences with evolving business models and aligning corporate culture with emerging technological paradigms. His approach transcends mere digital presence; as he advocates for a holistic transformation that encompasses technology, business strategies, and corporate purpose led ethos. He explains how to create a strong digital strategy, making the most of big data and AI, while fostering an agile, innovation-centric corporate culture that empowers rather than controls employees.

Of equal importance, Jeremy’s commitment to sustainability is unwavering. As the CEO of The Body Shop and as Chairman of Kantar’s Sustainability and Diversity Transformation practice, he dives deep into sustainable business practices. Jeremy lays out practical roadmaps for engaging stakeholders, innovating sustainable products and delivering ambitious environmental goals without compromising profitability. He navigates the tension between immediate financial goals and our sustainable obligations.

Jeremy’s speaking sessions are packed with insights, strategies and forward- thinking approaches. Drawing from his leadership roles and the challenges he navigated, he demystifies the processes behind purpose-driven goals, rapid decision-making, and the nuances of digital transformation. Audiences are not only presented with learnings from his successes and his failures but are also equipped through his interactive approach with strategies and frameworks to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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