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Jennifer Vessels

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Jennifer Vessels, futurist and AI / technology expert has led transformation for worlds-leading companies delivering 500% improved results. She equips people for success with AI, technology, future-ready leadership through lessons learn as Silicon Valley innovator and Next Step CEO.

Today is a tipping point – economically, geopolitically, environmentally and technologically. Jennifer’s two decades’ experience blending US business practices with European cultures allows her to fast-track success for r leaders who are under pressure to deliver, adapt and engage in new ways.

Jennifer delivers proven tools, stories and inspiration to:
● Embrace change and innovate while delivering value to stakeholders
● Apply AI and other advanced technologies to gain competitive advantage
● Transform culture and mindset for future-ready agility
● Empower people through humane leadership, reskilling and technology
● Accelerate growth through AI and other technologies , enabling co-creation with customers
● Lead through change with PEACE

Her bold insights and real-world lessons learned from Silicon Valley deliver actionable takeaways including her PEACE methodology to fast-track future-ready success.

Upon earning an MBA from San Jose State University (Silicon Valley), Jennifer led international growth for UB Networks (Avaya) and Tandberg (Cisco). After launching Tandberg USA (from Norway) and completing her MS in Occupational Psychology in London, Jennifer returned to Silicon Valley and founded Next Step. Since 2006, Jennifer and her team of 40 professionals have delivered 100 – 5000% return on investment for hundreds of clients across all industries in Americas, EMEA, Asia.

Jennifer’s Silicon Valley insider insights, global business experience and optimistic views of the future empower people to embrace the future with AI, emerging technology and transformative leadership approaches using her PEACE methodology and actionable takeaways as a road map.

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