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Jay Tuck

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Jay Tuck is investigative journalist, best-selling author and well-known war correspondent. During studies for his economics diploma, he served in Washington with the US Department of the Treasury and later with CBS News in New York. In Germany, he produced over 500 investigative segments for ARD network television, including NDR-Panorama and WDR-Monitor.

In addition, he served twice as combat correspondent in Kuwait Iraq and has military clearances in eight countries. He also writes for Cicero, Focus, Le Point, Stern, Welt, Time Magazine and Die Zeit. He was employed for many years as Executive News Director of ARD-Tagesthemen and has significant expertise in defense, espionage and weapons technology. His TED-Talk in internet reached a total over five million views.

His investigative book on Russian espionage, High-Tech Espionage. was published in fourteen countries. The first copies were purchased by the Federal Prosecutor. His follow-up book Direktorat T drew Moscow’s ire and the Soviet ambassador tried to prohibit its publishing in Germany. Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher responded “We don’t forbid books in Germany”.

His investigative book on artificial intelligence, Evolution Without Us, is a best-seller in Germany, also published in China. The German Ministry of Defence purchased 10,000 copies of the book for distribution to their armed forces. His current work “AI and Modern Warfare – How Artificial Intelligence is Defeating the Russian Army” is also a best-seller

In his recreational time, Tuck is a runner. He was the first American ever to complete the Siberian Ice Marathon.

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