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Isaac Kenyon

Isaac Kenyon

Keynote mic


£2.5k to £5K


Adventure & Sport
Communications & Engagement
Mental Health & Wellness
Performance & Teamwork


International keynote speaker, British eco-adventurer, and energy transition expert seeking climate solutions, Isaac is also a philanthropic world-record-breaking British eco-adventurer, an energy transition expert communicator, a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society of London and the Geological Society of London, and a Trustee for Mind Mental Health Charity. Isaac seeks to make a positive difference to the planet in search of climate solutions and has founded B Corporation ‘Climate Explorers CIC’.

Through his remarkable expeditions and out-of-the-box mindset, Isaac hosts events and delivers impactful ideas to transform businesses into sustainable workplaces that prioritize mental health for extraordinary teams and greater results.

He has swum seas, climbed mountains, rowed oceans, cycle toured countries, and even cycled over the sea. With an out-of-the-box mindset, Isaac can host events and deliver in different scenarios and roles, with high flexibility and adaptability skills at his disposal. Isaac is confident he will leave a lasting impact of thought-provoking (sometimes challenging) ideas and inspiration to transform any business into a high-performing sustainable workplace, which can boast a culture that values the mental health of their employees to produce extraordinary teams and greater results.

Isaac has worked with 100s of organisations (big or small, corporate or non-profit) with his mission to motivate team performance, activate employee engagement, align cultural values as well as advocate for good well-being and sustainability practices across organisations. His work inspires action, raises £millions for charity and transforms teams into high performers.

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