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Ian Hawkins

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Change, Innovation & Creativity
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Why are stories important? How can telling them better make businesses more profitable? And how can we change them to transform an organization’s reputation?

Ian Hawkins is a business journalist and storytelling expert, with a background in innovation, technology and transformation. He has written and made programmes for CBS and BBC World, and was Editor-in-Chief of PEX Network.

Ian has a story of his own: born with a debilitating heart condition, he was hospitalized in the early days of the Covid pandemic and faced a bleak future. He credits his understanding of the importance of storytelling for getting him through this and other challenges in his life.

As a keynote, Ian talks about how stories are the software our brains run on, how they work and how you can “hack” the software to get better results. In his interactive presentations, leaders learn how to change the stories customers and stakeholders tell about a business and how to create a set of assumptions that will carry an organization in the right direction.

Ian speaks to human beings in a tech-driven world. His own personal experience at the cutting edge of medical innovation is an inspiring story of surviving, thriving and continuous improvement. Expect audiences to be inspired and enthusiastic about making positive changes, engaging their teams and embedding their “why” at the heart of their communications.

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