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Keynote speaker Hayley Barnard is an expert of unconscious bias and diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She is a talented communicator and an engaging keynote speaker.
Keynote speaker Hayley Barnard is an expert in unconscious bias as well as diversity and inclusion. She is the Managing Director and Diversity Strategist at MIX Diversity Developers Ltd, a consultancy firm specialising in diversity and inclusion, unconscious bias training, and effective communication. MIX works with large organisations like ASDA, Travis Perkins, and HSBC.

Hayley is a compelling communicator with work published in The Times and Hello! Magazine. She tackles issues surrounding unconscious bias and inclusiveness with humour, ensuring that her ideas have real value and applicability for her audiences’ working lives.

Having studied marketing at postgraduate level and then worked in internal and external business communications for over 17 years, our speaker Hayley Barnard is an expert of effective communication, and she specialises in strategy development, communication planning and execution. Her focus is to improve inclusiveness, reduce inequality, and bring competitive advantage to organisations through development and communication of innovative Diversity and Inclusion strategy. She is also an experienced trainer on unconscious bias and effective communication.

Sought-after speaker Hayley Barnard recently returned from the Arctic Circle where she went as a part of the ‘LeasePlan Women’s Arctic Challenge.’ MIX worked with LeasePlan to develop this unique platform to communicate the issue of gender balance and challenge unconscious bias within their company.

In her keynotes, our speaker Hayley Barnard explains the science behind unconscious bias both negative and positive, why balance in the workplace is worth striving for, and how to become an inclusive company. Her talks are engaging and humorous and never fail to inspire audiences.

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