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George Anderson, a dynamic motivator at the intersection of wellbeing and high performance, is a seasoned storyteller who bridges the gap between knowledge and action. With two decades of expertise, George captivates audiences, drawing from personal experiences to provide practical tools for lasting transformation.

In his motivational sessions, George empowers individuals to become the heroes of their own stories. He champions a philosophy of “progress, not perfection,” making wellbeing and performance accessible.

George’s journey began with an engineering master’s degree, but his passion led him to wellbeing. In 2002, he launched a successful personal training business, mentoring aspiring trainers and transitioning into professional speaking.

A dedicated runner, George partnered with the Reading Half Marathon for 13 years. He built a vibrant online running community, delivering workshops on enhancing athletic performance and mindset.

George authored the Amazon bestseller “Beginner’s Luck Guide for Non-Runners,” transforming lives through running. His second book, “Work in Progress,” introduces journaling as a tool for resilience and success.

George’s presentations draw from neuro linguistic programming, neuroscience coaching, and positive psychology. He’s conquered ultra-endurance feats, including ten marathons and the “Frog Graham Round.”

As a father of three, George understands meeting people where they are and delivers talks with humility and encouragement. He’s also the author of the “Work in Progress” journaling guide, hosts the “A Bit of a Boost” podcast, and created the Boost Wellbeing & Performance app.

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