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Fiona is a keynote speaker, coach and thought leader who combines her extensive experience in global investment markets with expertise and thought leadership in human potential, purpose, leadership, spirituality and self-actualisation. 

Passionate about the areas of life that are innately human, the red thread that runs through all her work is the exploration of who we are & how we want to show up in the world. Recognised as a contemporary thinker and inspiring speaker in areas such as leadership, purpose, and self-actualisation, she has spoken at events in over 30 countries globally and was a semi-finalist in the Nordic Business Forum global speaking contest in 2022.

In her previous career, she worked in global investment markets for nearly 20 years with institutional clients across multiple markets. In 2015, she was one of 50 women globally chosen to participate in the W50 Program in UCLA, California, aimed at building the next generation of global women leaders. 

Through her MSc in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, Fiona conducted research into how spirituality, meaning, purpose, and authenticity manifest for individuals in our modern society. She continues to focus on her research areas of personal leadership, meaning and purpose, self-actualisation, authenticity and spirituality through her speaking, thought leadership and writing.

Alongside her speaking practice, she coaches and advises purpose-led entrepreneurs, business leaders and individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of who they are so they can live, work and lead with greater impact and authenticity. She writes a Substack publication called ‘Expression with Fiona English’ of personal essays on what it means to live a fully-expressed life and amplify your impact in the world.

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