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The Ethical Futurists

The Ethical Futurists

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Alison Burns and James Taylor join forces to help you discover how purpose-driven organizations build trust and do good. According to a study by Bain & Co, an employee inspired by their employer’s purpose is 225% more productive.

Burns, a trailblazing engineer, lawyer, actor, and jazz singer, covers ethical leadership, future trends, and sustainability, while Taylor is an expert in business creativity, innovation, and AI. Both are internationally recognized keynote speakers who inspire audiences worldwide to unlock their creative potential and increase productivity.

The future is about more than technological disruption. It’s about ethics. There is no right way to do a wrong thing. Exponential technologies such as AI, robotics and cybersecurity are forcing leaders to rethink the role of ethics in our future. This is a time for change.

A time for companies, countries and citizens to develop their own Ethical Purpose Statement™ to better foster diversity and inclusion, deal fairly and ethically with stakeholders, and lead the change to a more sustainable future.

LEADERSHIP – 1 in 5 employees feels pressure to compromise ethics standards according to the Global Business Ethics Survey™.

FUTURE TRENDS – 9 out of 10 organisations said they were aware of at least one instance where an artificial intelligence system had resulted in ethical issues for their business.

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION – The Business Roundtable of America recently redefined the purpose statement for corporations to include ‘fostering diversity and inclusion’ and ‘dealing fairly and ethically’.

CULTURE – 86% of millennials consider it a “priority to work for a business that conducts itself ethically and responsibly”.

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