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Dr. Harry G. Broadman

Dr. Harry G. Broadman

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Global finance executive and independent board director driving high cross-border business growth through nimble corporate operational strategies, innovative investments, and agile partnerships.”

Harry is former US Assistant Trade Representative; Chief of Staff of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers; Senior Managing Director and Chief Economist of PricewaterhouseCoopers; Private Equity Executive with Madeleine Albright; World Bank Official in China and Russia; and Harvard Professor. 

He has been at the forefront of critical global business and policy decisions over the past three decades, and a renowned international finance executive, private equity investor, negotiator of international trade, investment, and science and technology agreements, and independent board director. 

He is a worldwide authority on cross-border international business growth operations—in the services industries, manufacturing, and extractives; multinational corporate sustainability strategies; international antitrust and regulatory policies; corruption risk mitigation; corporate governance practices and principles; and innovation. 

He is widely published in economics, finance, legal and foreign policy professional journals, and serves as an expert witness testifying on business-business and business-state disputes in international litigation and arbitration. 

Over the course of his 35+ year career, he’s re-invented himself not only in an interdisciplinary fashion, but also in greatly differentiated senior roles across the private sector—interspersed with stints as a high-level international business negotiator, policy-maker and regulator in the White House and on Capitol Hill, as well as a business journalist for Forbes and the Financial Times. 

Harry delivers to his audiences compelling practitioner perspectives and strategic insights on business opportunities and risks shaping our economic future.

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