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Dominik Neidhart was a crew member of the Alinghi winning team in New Zealand. After studying medicine, he turned to his passion, sailing. In three different America’s Cup Challenges – a not very successful start, a triumphant victory and a bitter defeat – he gained rich experience in the complex organization, the demanding management, and the successful teamwork in realizing this unique vision. Subsequently, he has scientifically processed these experiences on teamwork and also published on the subject.

Dominik is one of the few management consultants to have gained this insight from his own experience. His vivid knowledge of the irrepressible power of optimally bundled competencies as well as his well-founded know-how about the development of a successful cooperation culture make Dominik Neidhart an internationally sought-after speaker, management coach and trainer in the field of cooperation culture.

Topics and lectures by Dominik Neidhart
With his lectures for living cooperation, Dominik Neidhart supports committed industrial and service companies in their cultural transformation. Away from the internal competition culture, towards a successful cooperation culture.

Working Together Wins!

The teams have highly competent sailing crews who continuously improve their skills. They are supported by a multinational shore team of several hundred people: Scientists, engineers, boat builders, sail designers, weather specialists, and more. In 155 years of its history, this competition has never been won by teams with the biggest budgets, the most advanced infrastructure, or the most extensive crew.

In his presentation “WORKING TOGETHER WINS!” Dominik Neidhart, former crew member of Alinghi, makes the step from inspiration to education. Participants will not only learn how the unexpectedly great success of the Swiss sailing team Alinghi was possible at the first attempt, but they will also receive a concept / program on how they can transfer the principles of successful cooperation into their working environment themselves.

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