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Chris Barton, Shazam’s creator, is an entrepreneur and inventor who has overcome dyslexia to hold 12 tech patents. Shazam, one of the world’s most popular apps, was acquired by Apple for $400M.

Chris played key roles at Google and Dropbox and is now building Guard to use AI to detect pool drownings. He inspires audiences to think unconventionally and take action, and enjoys the outdoors and family time.

Chris delivers inspiring and actionable keynotes that transform organizations by changing the way we think. He tells first-hand stories about creating Shazam when everyone said it was impossible. His keynotes are cinematic and rich with inspiration, humor, music, and emotions.

Keynote clients describe Chris’s “powerful content” that “generates talkability across the organization” and that “will stick for years to come”. Chris has identified five ways of thinking differently. He calls them “Start from Zero”.

They are fundamentally different than our default ways of thinking. Some of these methods were used by Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Leonardo Da Vinci. Disruptive startups use this thinking to reshape the future. So should you.

Chris also delivers virtual keynotes from his studio equipped with live camera switching, professional lighting/sound, and home-brewed coffee.

Chris has transformed audiences of leading brands and organizations around the world with inspiring keynotes and moderated conversations such as this one with Tony Robbins.

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