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Caspar Craven – Leading Authority in Achieving Big Bold Goals through effective Leadership and Teamwork

Caspar delivers transformational thought-provoking experiences that will leave your audience feeling inspired and with real actionable takeaways to help you achieve your big bold goals by putting people first.

His experiences include twice sailing around the world – the first time competitively, and the second time with his wife and their three children under ten. He’s been a CFO, a Director at KPMG and as a serial entrepreneur, he’s built and sold a tech business for a 7 figure sum.

How will you and your team achieve your big bold goals What is the leadership, mindset, and culture that you need? These are the questions that Caspar will explore with you.

He gets booked because he’s relatable and delivers a thought-provoking experience with humility and humour. Talks that are highly memorable and still get referred to years later by clients, not just a talk that inspires people on the day.

Each experience is crafted to the specific challenges and goals you are facing. He draws on the 20 Principles in the Big Bold Circle, the latest science and research, and a story-led approach to deliver maximum impact.

He’s a Best Selling Bloomsbury Author and in writing, his recent book Be More Human: Rethinking the rules of high-performance teamwork, he’s been on a journey to research, study, interview, and learn from some of the most successful leaders in the world.

Success leaves clues and it’s these patterns, insights, and stories that he will bring to your audience to give them a transformational experience, not just a talk.

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