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Carl Miller

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Carl combines data and analysis with immersive, first-hand reporting to understand how all of our lives are changing. He’s tried to re-create himself from hidden data, visited information warfare bases, exposed autocratic states manipulating Wikipedia, interviewed fake news merchants, lived in a political-technology commune, met Taiwan’s digital democrats and become involved in the struggle for control of an online assassination market.​

Carl speaks to audiences around the world about what the digital revolution really means to them and how they can keep ahead of it. He draws together immersive first-hand reporting from around the world with data and evidence to describe how every single aspect of our lives are changing in often unseen yet important ways: how global trends in crime have largely moved it online, how politics is in upheaval, how professional journalism is being choked and changed, digital geopolitics, and how business in the digital age sits on a knife-edge between two visions – the largest companies in the world, or a world without companies at all.​

In all his keynotes, Carl draws on his decade of experience researching the digital world. He is the author of over a dozen major reports, including on the influence of the the internet on radicalisation, policing and counter-terrorism, hate crime and social media, conspiracy theories, digital democracy, and changing identities and beliefs in the digital world.

He has spent time with police cyber-crime teams, interviewed cyber-criminals, visited information warfare officers, spoken with fake news merchants, presidents, spies and digital ministers. He has teamed up with investigative journalists to investigate shadowy protocols, and with dark net investigators to uncover online assassination markets.

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