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Carl Jones

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Professional speaker Carl Jones talks about stress and PTSD, covering his own experiences. He is known for delivering humor, energy, and personal stories from his police career. His S.L.A.P. technique is a wellness coaching system that focuses on Stability, Listening, Adjustment, and Patience. Carl’s engaging presentations aim to provide practical strategies for personal development and overall well-being.

He is a retired Detective uses all of his experiences and knowledge delivering his SLAP technique to his audiences. His operational stories that lead to an incident where he was shot at 6 times and still sending the culprit to prison. A year later he received a national bravery award, followed a few years later by a diagnosis of PTSD and the personal battles he had to endure. 
Carl eventually took control and now manages his condition, which has resulted in his SLAP Technique. An inspirational story that works with organisations that are going through change, whom need to look after their staff and maintain their Health and Happiness.

How do you know who is going home at night and drinking all night because they can’t cope with work pressure? How do you know who has an eating disorder? How do you know someone is truly struggling? And if you do know, how are you going to tackle it?

Prevention is far better than a cure. COVID-19 has made stress and mental health reactive instead of proactive, which is now costing businesses and organisations staff, time, and money.

Using Karl’s experience, he can guide people on how to prevent others from suffering. He will help you understand what you can do to support, help, and retain valuable staff.

Everyone deserves to be healthy and happy at work.

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