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Bruno Marion

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Bruno Marion is a futurist, an expert on global trends and innovation. For many years, he has been in constant demand for delivering keynotes, doing masterclasses for executives and providing strategic coaching to CEO’s on future trends, organizational shifts and radical innovation.

Over the past 15 years Bruno has advised key executives from companies such as Airbus, AXA, Dior, Danone, Hermes, L’Oréal, Nestle, Reuters, Richemont, SAP, Siemens, Total.

Bruno is sometimes called the « Futurist Monk ». He has been travelling around the world for 30 years, meeting CEOs, religious leaders, all kinds of gurus in India and in the Silicon Valley, people in jail, super rich people, homeless, artists, scientists, high level politicians, activists and successful entrepreneurs, and at the same time meditating every day and reading over 100 books a year about the latest innovations in science, technology, philosophy and spirituality. He has been experimenting cutting-edge technologies, investigating new types of governances, exploring new smart cities and new disruptive ways of living.

Bruno Marion has discovered that the world is getting better and worse and faster than ever. He shows us how and why we are going through an amazing « reset » in our personal lives, in our families, in our institutions and our organizations. A world megashift of unprecedented scale and speed!

As Bruno says, it’s not any more about knowing or not about the future, it’s about understanding and making sense out of the complexity of the system in an easily accessible way for everyone.

With a radical and unique disruptive approach, Bruno Marion will help you to not only see and understand the future, he will actually help you to design and build the future you want with new practical tools powered by the science of Chaos.

His new mind blowing, paradigm shifting, immediately actionable and sustainable framework will make you thrive in uncertainty, create new breakthroughs, and even benefit from crisis in your personal life and your organizations.

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