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Antoni Lacinai

Antoni Lacinai

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Antoni Lacinai is a highly regarded international keynote speaker and workplace communication expert, earning recognition as the 2022 International Speaker of the Year in Finland and achieving 3rd place at the 2019 Swedish Championship of Storytelling. He consistently ranks among Sweden’s most popular speakers and has delivered an inspiring TEDx talk with over 300,000 viewers.

Antoni’s talents extend beyond speaking; he’s an illustrator, songwriter, and business strategist. His expertise lies at the intersection of Conscious Leadership, Customer Focus, and Employee Engagement. You can often find him in Swedish media, on TV, and as a regular columnist in leadership magazines.
As a keynote speaker, author, and executive coach, Antoni specializes in workplace communication, spanning leadership, customer relations, and employee engagement.

He equips leaders and teams with a unique blueprint rooted in psychology and extensive research to become world-class communicators. He passionately believes that improved relationships foster better collaboration and, collectively, can combat the climate crisis and secure a brighter future for young generations.

Antoni’s presentations are marked by positivity, clarity, and a wealth of actionable insights for enhanced leadership, service, and collaboration. He aims to create more motivating workplaces and drive superior results. He is the author or co-author of 13 communication-related books and frequently contributes to leadership publications, in addition to being a fixture in national TV and media. His commitment to continuous learning encompasses leadership, consciousness, marketing, psychology, mental training, NLP, and coaching.

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