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Andrew Bryant, founder of Self Leadership International and President of the Professional Speakers Association of Spain, is an esteemed authority on self-leadership and achieving rapid results without sacrificing humanity.

Clients seek Andrew’s expertise to infuse a human touch into leadership, particularly in today’s digital and post-pandemic landscape. Working adeptly with disruptive forces, he underscores that effective leadership hinges on meaningful conversations, both one-on-one and one-to-many.

In his fourth book, “The New Leadership Playbook,” commissioned by a client, Andrew outlines twelve essential conversations for leaders. His signature keynote speech unveils solutions to strike a balance between humanity and swift outcomes.

Andrew’s expertise is underscored by citations in over 140 research papers and Ph.D. dissertations. He pioneered the first self-leadership situational judgment tests, solidifying his status as a respected voice in the field.

His diverse journey, from working in his father’s hardware shop to a career in physiotherapy, acupuncture, and psychology, reflects a rich tapestry of experiences. Coaching C-level executives worldwide has given him valuable insights into success.

Andrew Bryant has been honored twice by Singapore’s President, Mdm. Halimah Yacob, for his contributions to self-leadership coaching and empowerment initiatives.

With a global perspective and profound insights, Andrew Bryant guides leaders toward self-leadership and human-centered leadership.

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