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Amy McWhirter

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As a professional emcee, presenter, and virtual event host, Amy McWhirter brings warm, authentic energy to events and screens. With a background in video production and corporate presenting, she specializes in making complex material relatable and conversational.

Her laser-focused, in-the-moment approach drives deeper engagement and amplifies messaging, inspiring audiences to act. Amy’s clients include major corporations like Salesforce and Samsung, and she has a Bachelor of Science pre-med with Honors from the University of Michigan.

As content catalyst and engagement instigator, Amy is a compelling panel moderator and interviewer. She’s facile with a myriad of topics including tech, healthcare, consumer trends, education or any topic on stages and in studios in the USA and around the world.

Her warmly inviting approach puts interviewees like Bear Grylls, industry experts and C-level execs at ease. Amy brings high energy and inspiration, creating a feeling of community and excitement at celebrations and award events.

She’s a quick study and researches meticulously to understand each topic and audience pain points, meets with speakers, and crafts the best way to draw out content that will most benefit and inspire listeners.

Amy brings soul and a deeply human connection to screen. With warm, energetic authenticity, she connects audiences to the heart of messaging and inspiration. Amy hosted the PBS docuseries “Built to Last: The Green Home”.

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